The Premium Pore Extractor

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Traditional face cleaners can be slow and ineffective which is why we created the Premium Pore Extractor

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The Premium Pore Extractor is far the best pore vacuum i have used. With its powerful suction and beauty lamp it conveniently erases signs of aging and cleans your pores!

Malissa Martinez

I originally got the Premium Pore Extractor for my daughter as a gift. About a week later i noticed how healthy and vibrant her skin looked and had to get one of my one. After the first use my face appeared more youthful and vibrant!

Stacy Moore

The Premium Pore Extractor is a great tool for someone who wants to obtain a vibrant youthful appearance and a boost in self confidence. We have found it to be a game changer in getting rid of blackheads and reducing the appearance of pores!

Jenifer Dean
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